Make Your Mark

With the advent of the web, it has brought with it the age of now. Customers demand what they want now, and if your business cannot satisfy that you risk losing them to someone who will. That is why your web presence is crucial.

But your web presence isn’t the only thing that matters. A customer’s first impression of your business will often be your website. A well designed website can help build a feeling of trust with a potential customer. In addition, you need a website that can capture a user’s attention and get them to where they want to go as quick and easily as possible or else they may be deterred.

Finding solutions to the problems presented above will drive customers to your business. And that’s where BB Webmark comes in.

Mobile Design

The cutting edge of the web is currently in smartphones, tablets, and “responsive design.” Responsive design is a method of designing a website so it senses the size of the device you are browsing and adjusts to it. If you’re browsing on a desktop, it scales itself to make the most out of the space it is given. If you’re on a smartphone, it scales itself down to enhance the experience and better fit on the smaller screen. All of this happens automatically with no user input.

Smartphones are exploding in popularity, and can no longer be ignored when designing a website. That’s why we have well versed ourselves in these cutting edge design practices. Businesses must cater to this new demand of being able to find information on many devices.

Take Control

Our websites are powered by Wordpress, one of the premier content management systems that is used by millions of websites. Its popularity is not unwarranted. Its development team sets itself to many of the same standards we do, and have created an easy to use experience for the end user. It allows you to quickly and easily modify the contents of your website, view page hit stats, and much more.